Why Do Closets Have Doors? (7 Reasons)

Closets have doors for several reasons, the main reasons are to protect clothing and provide privacy and aesthetics within the bedroom, but there are other secondary reasons with equal validity, therefore closet doors are one of the most important elements inside a bedroom.

Having said this, I must also point out that there are several reasons that support the need for doors in a closet, the decision to have them is totally subjective and in fact, there are many people who prefer to keep their closets without any kind of door, or have another alternative to isolate their closets.

In this topic, I present the main and secondary reasons why closets have doors, as well as some interesting alternatives.

1-Most effective dust-prevention

Dust is invisible to the naked eye, it is light enough to fly from one place to another, you might think that in your room there is no dust, but dust accumulates slowly, in every corner, especially in places where there is no ventilation.

A ventilated room can decrease the accumulation of dust, and natural lighting helps to visualize better, while a closet without doors is susceptible to accumulating large amounts of dust and therefore clothes and shoes could be full of dust.

Closet doors effectively reduce dust from falling on clothes, especially those that are not worn during the season.

2- Protecting the privacy

Closet doors are necessary for privacy and this is something very basic.

Many people are proud to display their clothes and shoes, but there are clothing accessories that are preferred to be kept private, and although a bedroom is a very private space in a home, there are usually visits from family and close friends who may have access to the room, so keeping clothes and shoes in a totally private space is something understandable.

On occasions where there are more spaces available and dressing rooms are used, a door is often required to maintain the privacy of the people while they dress.

3- Separate spaces

In the interior spaces of a residence, doors, like walls, are used to keep spaces divided and separate, closet doors are used to keep the space separate from the room, plus a closet with doors contributes to the continuity of the wall making it visually more attractive.

4- Hide the mess

Let’s be honest, not everyone has a perfectly ordered collection of shoes or clothes, a closet, being separated from the bedroom by doors that you can close, allows you to be more flexible if something has become cluttered, this is evident when it comes to having accessories at a sight that in the bedroom would look unattractive: such as the shoe collection.

5- Avoid humidity

On many occasions there are closets in contiguous areas close to the bathroom, the humidity is one of the negative factors that we try to avoid in a closet, keeping a closet protected with doors contributes to diminishing the direct impact of humidity that could cause a bathroom that is very close.

And because closets are not ventilated, even moisture from the room itself can accumulate in the closet, making it necessary to have doors to keep the closet space protected.

6- Aesthetics

Yes, everyone wants to have their home as beautiful as possible, and even if the house is not their own, everyone wants to be and stay in a place that is attractive, there is no doubt that the closet doors can be the most beautiful element of a bedroom.

Depending on the material or the design they have, the closet doors can be spectacular, more than simple elements of separation of spaces, they can be elements of great attraction in a bedroom.

In addition, if you want to mark a design style in your room, nothing more ideal than the doors of the closets, if your intention is to have a modern and minimalist room, white or gray doors with a system without handles are undoubtedly an integral element.

7-Increase the value of the property

Don’t think that I am writing reasons just to “fill” the topic, having doors in the closets really increase the value of a property, have you noticed in the advertisements of sales or rentals of properties the qualities that stand out? they always detail the interior wood finishes of the property, because this is really something very valued.

So from the point of view of the value of the property, having doors on the closets is something very essential.

Why are closet doors so expensive?

Closet doors are generally made of solid wood, the material that is chosen to be used in homes usually is a high-quality wood and attractive wood, this type of wood is called precious woods, these woods also involve a process of preparation where they are treated to improve their strength, all this makes the price of the material is considerably high.

Apart from this, the labor that is responsible for the manufacture and installation of the doors of closets is specialized labor, these cabinetmakers, apart from doing a job with a high technical degree, also bring an aesthetic value to the work, for this, the labor to manufacture doors and wooden furniture is better paid.

What alternatives are there for a closet without doors?

In case for any reason you do not have curtains but anyway you need an alternative to keep your closets closed, there are more economical alternatives that can also be very aesthetic, one of these most popular alternatives is to use curtains as enclosures for closets, the curtains are super economical, easy to install, aesthetic and a solution that can go along with the other furniture in the room.

Another alternative for closet doors is to use sliding ventilated panels, these panels could also be made of wood, but not being solid, occupy less material so they are considerably cheaper, are quite aesthetic, practical, and fulfill the main role of isolating the closet and ventilate it and at the same time.

There are other alternatives to divide the closet area without the need for doors, but in my opinion, the two above are the most aesthetic and efficient.

Why do some closet doors have slats?

Because closets are small enclosed spaces without any ventilation, in some instances where closets are in contact with very damp walls, slatted doors are required to allow some airflow from the inside to the outside of the closet to mitigate moisture buildup.

Read this more detailed topic about slatted doors and their usefulness in different areas.


In conclusion, a person may decide not to have doors in their closets for various reasons, although I explained the various reasons why closet doors are necessary, in a case where there is not much space, closet doors can take up valuable space when opening, in this case, many choose closets with sliding doors.

Although a solution such as a closet with sliding doors has a drawback and is the increase in cost, as the hardware for sliding doors is quite expensive, it is also possible to use a combined design of closet cabinets with doors and no exterior door.

Everything will depend on the space available for the closet, and the economic capacity that is available.

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