The Most Used Furniture For Tiny Houses And Small Spaces

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Are you considering the tiny life? Wondering which furniture will save you space and money in your new home? Many people are choosing to build and move into tiny homes because it takes up less space, its affordable, and are easy to maintain.

More than 65% of millennials are considering purchasing a tiny home. In addition, half the US population is also considering tiny home living. If you’re looking for furniture ideas for your new tiny home, you’ve come to the right place.

We researched and here are the most used furniture for tiny houses and small spaces.

Most Used Furniture for Tiny Houses and Small Spaces

The following is a list of the most used furniture for tiny houses and small spaces.

  • Sectional Sofas
  • Pullout Couch/Sleeper Sofa
  • Storage Ottoman
  • Wall Mounted Table
  • Kitchen Island
  • Counter Height Bar Stool
  • Murphy Bed
  • Trundle Bed
  • Built-in storage
  • Multi-purpose furniture
  • Floating shelves

Living Room

Sectional Sofas

Measurements – 32 ⅝” (height) by 110 ¼” (width) by 64 ⅛” (depth)

Sofa model – Kivik

Color – Tibbleby beige/gray

Made by – IKEA

kivik ikea
KIVIK Sofa with chaise

Sectional sofas are versatile and fun. As the go-to option for tiny homes, they give you and your guests a comfortable space to rest in. Besides comfort, sectional sofas such as the Kivik model from IKEA have an added bonus.

Where you can produce a bed from underneath the seat cushions, there is extra storage space for your bedding and other stuff. So, when you have a guest, they can sleep comfortably. When not in use as a bed, it offers extra storage for stuff you don’t need.

With sectional or modular sofas, you can create your own combination and get exactly what you need for your tiny home. You can get a 4 seater or 5 seater with chaise, or corner. Alternatively, you can start small and add on sections when you need to.

Tiny sectional sofas are a great addition to narrow living rooms, attics, and kids’ bedrooms.

Pullout Couch/Sleeper Sofa

Measurements – 72″L x 58″W x 4.5″Th

Sofa model – Friheten

Color – Skiftebo dark gray

Made by – IKEA

Friheten Sleeper Sofa

Save money and space with IKEA’s pullout couch or sleeper sofa. With the FRIHETEN sleeper sofa from IKEA, you can convert your tiny living room into a stylish and comfortable bedroom.

The sleeper sofa comes with built-in storage that is spacious enough to store extra bedding for guests, books, and other stuff. Available in Skiftebo dark gray, the sleeper sofa can convert into a comfortable bed with ease.

It comes with three back cushions and a stationary cover. The material is 100% polyester while the bed box features plywood and particleboard. Because the material is polyester, do not wash the cover. Neither should you bleach, iron, tumble dry, or dry clean the cover. All you need to do is vacuum clean or wipe with a damp cloth.

Storage Ottoman

Measurements 21 ½” (base diameter), 19” (top diameter), 15 ¾” (Height)

Model – Stone Vegan Leather Storage Ottoman

Color – Dark blue

Made by – Latitude Run

Stone Vegan Leather Storage Ottoman

Make your tiny living room shine with this classic ottoman cube. The Stone Vegan Leather Storage Ottoman by Latitude Run comes in several colors to match your decor. You’ve dark blue, creamy gray, saddle brown, black, and stone gray.

Essential for the entrance to your living room, the storage ottoman comes with sufficient storage space. In fact, the large storage capacity is perfect for all books, toys, and lines for guests.

The top is easy to open and you can freely switch from a footstool to a side table. Besides your living room, you can use the storage ottoman in your bedroom to increase the storage capacity.

Wall Mounted Table

Measurements – 80X60CM/31.4”X23.6”

Model – MM MELISEN Wall Mounted Folding Table

Color – Wood

Made by – MM MELISEN

MM MELISEN Wall Mounted Folding Table
MM MELISEN Wall Mounted Folding Table

Made of natural pine wood, the wall-mounted foldable table has a clear texture and you can use it as a work desk or dining table. Not only is it strong but it will not deform easily. The foldable tables come in a space-saving design.

To use the wall-mounted table, simply fold up and once you’re done, fold down. Thanks to the fingertip release mechanism, you can fold down the table to the wall after use with a touch.

Besides using it in your living room, you can use the foldable table in your tiny kitchen, bedroom, or even your laundry room. It’s easy to assemble but you can refer to the detailed assembly instructions that come with the package. When it comes to cleaning, simply use a clean damp cloth to wipe the surface.


Here is the furniture to add to your tiny kitchen.

Kitchen Island

Measurements – 15.5 x 35.5-44.9 x 35.2 in

Model – Hodedah Kitchen Island

Color – Beech, cherry, White-beech, chocolate grey

Made by – Hodedah

Hodedah Kitchen Island
Hodedah Kitchen Island

Revamp the kitchen in your tiny home with the Hodedah Kitchen Island. The kitchen island is a stylish and functional addition to your tiny home. It comes in a versatile design and in multiple finishes.

You can store your herbs and spices on the spice rack, arrange your towels on the towel rack, and other kitchen stuff in the spacious drawer. It also has an enclosed cabinet space with a single shelf for your ingredients, small appliances, pots, and pans.

It comes with wheels to facilitate movement around the kitchen. When in use, you can lock the wheels for fixed positioning. The drawers have silver finish rings allowing you to pull and close the doors.

Counter Height Bar Stool

Measurements – 12.5″D x 12.5″W x 35″H

Model Name – 24-inch Counter Height Bar Stool

Color – Black

Made by – Lavish Store

Counter Height Bar Stool
Counter Height Bar Stool

Stylish and foldable, the Counter Height Bar Stool has a heavy-duty frame that can support up to 300 pounds. This is thanks to the 1 mm thick steel tubing that ensures strength and durability.

Best for tiny kitchens, the Counter Height Bar Stool is foldable. In fact, the 24-inch tall bar stool folds flat for storage after use. Before storage, you can clean the seat with a soft damp cloth or sponge and soapy water.

Don’t worry about the PVC-covered cushioning as it dries quickly before the next use. Besides using the foldable bar stools in your tiny kitchen, you can use them at family gatherings and parties. Simply fold the seats, store them in your car, and off you go.


Here are furniture pieces to revamp your tiny bedroom.

Murphy Bed

Measurements – 80.3″L x 64.1″W x 25.7″H

Model Name – Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed

Color – Cherry

Made by – Night & Day Furniture

murphy bed
murphy bed

Convert this stylish Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed from a handsome cabinet to a comfortable bed in a minute. Available in cherry finish, the murphy bed comes with a 6-inch tri-fold memory foam queen mattress. As such, it can sleep up to two adults and two children.

For opening and closing, the murphy bed comes with 3 locking hinges. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions which get you started in minutes. Despite coming with a 6-inch queen mattress, when you close the cabinet, there is room for linen and pillows.

Available in a space-saving design, when closed, it only takes 10 square feet of floor space in your tiny bedroom.

Trundle Bed

Measurements – 84″L x 63″W x 41.5″H

Model Name – DHP Manila Metal Full-Size Trundle

Color – White

Made by – DHP

Trundle Bed
Trundle Bed

The DHP Manila Metal Full-Size Trundle is a multifunctional bed with Victorian styling and detailing. Best for tiny homes and small living spaces, the bed comes with a standard queen-size mattress on the daybed.

The trundle comes with one standard full-size mattress but they are both sold separately.

Durable and versatile, the trundle bed has a metal frame that can support 300 pounds or more. Designed to make your life easy, it comes packaged in one box.

Since it’s multifunctional, you can use it when lounging with family or friends, and use it as an extra storage space or sleeping area for your guests. Available in white and other colors, it’s perfect for the bedroom and living room.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to shopping for furniture for your tiny home, utilizing the available space is important. This is because, with tiny homes, you’ve to forgo certain luxuries such as bathtubs, big beds, large family dining tables, and others.

Instead, you need to look for space-saving furniture such as Murphy beds, foldable tables, modular sofas, and others. As the perfect solutions for tiny homes, even those with kids, they are ideal for tiny homes on wheels, container houses, and others.

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