How High To a Hang Mirror Over a Console Table? (Drawing Included)

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A console table is a valuable asset as an entryway table for numerous reasons: it can create a focal point, make a good first impression, and serve as a drop zone to put keys or other items.

Although some have drawers, shelves, and cabinets below the tabletop, all console tables are narrow and tall to economize on space. Always consider scale when choosing a mirror for your console table to avoid a mismatch.

The size of the console table determines the size of the mirror you choose. A tiny mirror is perfect if you have a small console table and vice versa. Avoid choosing a mirror whose diameter is larger than that of the console table.

However, if you buy an oversized mirror, ensure your console table can handle it.

How high should I hang a mirror over the console table?

Once you have chosen the right mirror, the next thing is to hang it at the right height. Hanging the mirror at the right height makes the mirror practical. You can easily check your teeth, face, or hair on your way out.

Therefore, it is crucial to get it right from the start. Since most console tables are 30″ high, the ideal mirror positioning is one-half to three-quarters the console table’s length.

The perfect height to hang a mirror over the console table is 30″ to 42″ (or more) because the average eye level is approximately 60″. Finally, ensure the bottom corner of the mirror is at least 6″ above the surface of the console table.

Use a pencil and tape to mark and measure the wall correctly.

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What is the average height of a console table?

The average height of a console table is 30 inches. Console tables are distinguished from other tables because they are narrower, thus taking less space. They are versatile because they can be used as bookcases, TV stands, or artwork displays.

The height of a console table should be a non-factor unless you buy it to complement another piece of furniture, for example, a couch. The back of the couch determines the console table height, i.e., the table should be an inch shorter and never taller than the back of your couch.

The length of a console table determines its intended use/function. For example, if you want to put the table between two windows, its length is determined by the space between them. In a small entryway, long console tables can block the door swing.

Where should a mirror be placed on a console table?

When choosing a console table, consider its style. A traditional console table looks good with an ornate frame, while a contemporary table would look better if you hang a sleek and simple mirror.

The mirror style complements the console table and other décors in your entryway. The mirror should be centered above the table. Remember to hang the mirror approximately 6 inches over the table.

If the mirror is centrally placed, flank its sides with vases, plants, candles, or artwork for symmetry and balance.

Should you hang the mirror horizontally or vertically?

You should consider hanging the mirror vertically for ease of use and adding height to the walls. Remember to position the mirror so that the open light wouldn’t reflect in the mirror. Although mirrors make a room feel bigger, they should not ‘blind’ the users. In essence, console tables should be decorative and functional.

How high should I hang art above the console table?

If you want to hang art above the console table, the ideal height should be approximately 60 inches above the table. The main objective is to place the art at eye-level height.

However, since ceiling height is a factor, the size of the art piece can determine the height.

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Round or rectangle mirror over the console table?

Although we have different preferences and tastes, round mirrors look great over the console table. A good mirror should have a thickness ranging from ¼ and ¾ of an inch. Remember that the mirror’s size, shape, and color have a great visual effect.

It will also depend a lot on the style you want to project, a rectangular mirror is the best option for a classic concept where you want to maintain the symmetry between the furniture.

Although the rectangular mirror is also a perfect option for use in spaces with a minimalist concept.

A round mirror, on the other hand, offers a modern and contrasting vibe.

Adding a mirror over your console table is an excellent way of enhancing the console table’s look. Besides drawing people in to check their appearance, mirrors enhance a room by reflecting light.

Most people choose round mirrors, although there are other attractive shapes and styles. The most important thing is to choose the right mirror. Avoid dwarfing the console table with a mirror that’s too wide or large.

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How tall should lamps be on a console table?

You can use a console table to add additional lighting in your entryway or hallway. However, how tall should console lamps be? The height of a console lamp is determined by the location of the table and the lamp’s purpose.

Therefore, the lamp’s height can range from 4 to 30 inches, depending on its use. Most console lamps are used for decorative, task, or mood lighting purposes.

  • Task lighting – the lighting is used to complete a task that requires direct light, e.g., reading. If the table is against the back of your couch and you intend to use the lamp to read, the lamp should be tall enough to provide enough light. The lamp’s height should range between 24 and 24 inches.
  • Decorative lighting – for decorative purposes, the height can vary depending on location or nearby décor.
  • Mood lighting – to have ambient light in the hallway or entryway, smaller to medium-sized lamps are perfect, i.e., 32 to 36 inches tall.

Mirrors are essential in our homes to brighten and make rooms appear larger. However, whether you are hanging the mirror for decorative purposes or to take a glance at yourself, consider doing it right.

Besides hanging a mirror, adding décor, wall art, and table lamps to the console table is nice. The mirror’s shape, color, and size will determine how high you should hang it to complement nearby furniture.

Once you start shopping for a console table, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the vast sizes and styles. However, if you take your time to research well, you can find a console table that suits your budget and needs.

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