How High Should A Curtain Rod Be For 84 Inch Curtains?

Well, the height at which you hang the curtain rod will depend on the look you’re going for and the specific window. Generally, you’d want the curtains to lightly touch the floor or hover just above it.

So, you’ll need to take into consideration the floor-to-ceiling height.

Now, let’s say your window starts around 6 inches from the floor. Since your curtains are 84 inches long, you’d typically want to hang the rod about 6 inches above the window to make the room look taller.

If you hang it too low, the curtains might bunch up on the floor, and if you hang it too high, they might look awkwardly short.

You’ll also want to add a couple of inches for the curtain rings or the hanging method you’re using, depending on the style. So if that adds, let’s say, 2 inches, you would hang the curtain rod 92 inches from the floor.

Of course, personal preference plays a part here, too. If you prefer a more dramatic look, you can hang the rod a bit higher, so the curtains puddle on the floor. Or if you’re worried about the curtains dragging on the floor, you might hang the rod a little lower.

How high do you hang 84-inch curtains with grommets?

So, when it comes to hanging these curtains, the grommets make it a bit different from other styles, but not too complicated. You see, the grommets will add a little extra length to the curtains when they’re hung, so you have to account for that when placing the rod.

First, you’ll want to measure from the top of the window where you want the curtains to start. Since you’ve got those grommets, you might want to hang the rod an inch or two above the window frame to make sure they don’t look too short.

Now, considering the curtains are 84 inches long, you’ll usually want them to either just touch the floor or hover slightly above it. That’s where personal taste comes in.

If you like the look of them just kissing the floor, you’ll need to measure from the floor to the top of where the rod will be, taking into consideration the size of the grommets and the rings, if you’re using any.

The key with grommet curtains is to remember that the grommets themselves will add a bit to the hanging length of the curtain. So, if you simply hang the rod 84 inches from the floor, the curtains might end up being a little too long.

I’d suggest taking a measuring tape and starting from the floor, going up 84 inches, and then adding a bit more for the grommets, maybe another inch or two. Then you can decide how much higher you want the rod for the look you’re aiming for.

Are 84-inch curtains supposed to touch the floor?

The answer really comes down to personal preference and style. Some people love the elegant look of curtains that just barely graze the floor. It gives a room a finished, tailored appearance.

If the curtains are hung just right so that they touch the floor without bunching up, it can make the room look really polished.

On the other hand, some folks prefer to have their curtains hover an inch or two above the floor. This can be practical, especially if you’re worried about the curtains getting dirty or if you have pets that might play with them.

It also provides a more casual look, which might be exactly what you want depending on the room’s d├ęcor.

Then, there’s the more dramatic option where the curtains are longer and puddle on the floor. This creates a luxurious, romantic feel, but it might not be the best choice for every space, especially high-traffic areas.

So, with 84-inch curtains, whether or not they touch the floor really depends on the height of your window and the look you want to achieve.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but thinking about the overall design of the room and your personal preferences will guide you to the perfect height for your curtain rod.

Here’s a simple table that can guide you in hanging 84-inch curtains based on the ceiling height:

Ceiling HeightSuggested Rod Height Above WindowApproximate Distance from Floor
9-foot6-12 inches90-96 inches
8-foot4-10 inches86-92 inches
7-foot2-8 inches82-88 inches

What is the rule for curtain height?

So, typically, the “rule” with curtain height is that you want to hang the rod about 4 to 6 inches above the window frame. This helps make the window, and even the room itself, look a bit taller. It’s like a visual trick that designers love to use.

But rules in design are often more like guidelines, and it’s okay to bend them a bit to fit your style.

Now, the length of the curtains themselves can play a role in how high you hang them. If you have floor-length curtains, like the 84-inch ones we talked about earlier, you’ll want them to either just touch the floor or hover above it slightly. It gives a neat and tailored look.

But here’s where it gets interesting: if you want to add a touch of drama to the room, you can hang the rod closer to the ceiling, even with a 9-foot ceiling or higher. It draws the eye upward and creates this grand, elegant feel.

And don’t forget about the curtain’s hardware like grommets, rings, or tabs, as they’ll add a bit of length too. So when you’re measuring, take that into account.

At the end of the day, the rule for curtain height really comes down to what looks good to you in the specific room you’re decorating.

Do 84-inch curtains to the ceiling make a room look bigger?

Hanging 84-inch curtains all the way up to the ceiling to make the room look bigger it’s an idea that a lot of designers love, and for good reason. When you hang curtains that high, it draws the eyes upward, and that can make the room feel taller and more spacious.

Think about standing in the room and looking around. If the curtains start right at the top of the ceiling, it creates this lovely, unbroken line that can give the illusion of more space.

It can be especially effective in rooms with lower ceilings, where you want to create a sense of height.

Now, the effect might be different depending on the room and the curtains. For instance, lighter curtains might enhance that airy, spacious feeling, while heavier fabrics could bring a sense of grandeur.

And of course, other elements like furniture and wall color will play a role in how everything comes together.

But in general, hanging 84-inch curtains all the way up at the ceiling can be a stylish way to make a room feel bigger and more sophisticated.

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