How Do You Keep Macrame Straight? (Solved)

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Macrame is a form of textile-based artwork that dates back many years. The practice of macrame has been passed down from generation to generation and was once used as an alternative to sewing for creating clothing and household items.

As you practice weaving with macrame, you will realize that it is not easy to keep it straight, you can struggle quite a bit to keep the macrame straight and even.

Here are some useful tips on how to keep macrame straight, some of the most frequently asked questions on this subject are answered precisely.

How Do You Keep Macrame Straight?

You must create diagonal strands by crossing the two strands over each other loosely before starting the knots. The diagonal strands will help keep the macrame flat. You can also use the diagonal strands to secure knots that are already in place.

How Do You Get Macrame To Lay Flat?

As you pull each knot, tighten the horizontally and vertically crossing strands by pulling on them firmly as you tighten each knot. Be sure to hold your work taut but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable to hold or too tight that it’s impossible to move around large knots and clumps of yarn.

If you find your macrame is twisting, then your knots are probably too close together or large for the size of cord you are using. Make sure you leave plenty of space between each knot for stability and height control.

How Do You Stabilize Macrame?

As you tie a knot, insert the ends of your cord into the center portion of your work. If you find that a knot is slipping, slide it up against the diagonal strands to ensure it won’t slip.

The crossed diagonal strands also help stabilize extra thick and thick knots as they will provide additional width. If you find that your macrame is twisting, then your knots are probably too close together or large for the size of cord you are using.

Make sure you leave plenty of space between each knot for stability and height control. It is also important to use a cord that is a matching color. If you change colors, the diagonal strands will become more obvious and possible to see, which can lead to knots slipping.

Can I Use A Hair Straightener On Macrame?

No! Using a hair straightener on any cord is impossible, but it may be feasible to use one on wool or silk.

How Do You Stop Macrame From Curling?

After you finish your macrame project, soak the work in cool water with a little vinegar or add some dryer sheets and squish the work with your hand until it has lost its curly or kinky look.

You can use a hair dryer with silk and wool, but with corded string, it is better to rub the work between two towels.

Why Is My Macrame Twisting?

A strand of yarn or cord has left and right sides. When the finished macrame is hung to drip dry, make sure you hang the piece so that both sides are equally shown. If one side is longer than the other, the piece will twist into that shape.

Can You Use Hairspray On Macrame?

Yes! It’s possible to use hairspray on macrame made from wool or silk. However, it may be better to use water-based glue or a hot iron to stiffen the work with corded string. It is coming soon.

What Other Techniques Can Macrame Be Used For?

Macrame is an excellent way to create a unique garment, and both beginners and advanced macromers use macrame for many reasons other than home decor.

You can use macrame to form a whimsical or decorative belt, wrap around a neck or across the chest, tie an ornament or brooch on a hat, necktie, scarf, or purse strap, and create holiday decorations and craft projects.

You can also use macrame to make wallets, bookmarks, door stoppers, sachets, and more.

Where Can You Find Macramé Supplies?

There are many places where you can find macrame supplies. Try your local fabric store, craft store, or online supplier.

You can also try searching in the yellow pages or on Google and Yahoo for macrame supplies in your area. A quick search will bring up several options for purchasing macrame supplies.

Where Can You Find Supplies To Make Beaded Macramé?

Beads that are similar to the cord you use will best compliment your work, but there’s no rule against mixing and matching colors to create a funky piece of jewelry or accessory for your clothing or home decorating needs. Do not use plastic beads as they may cause the cord to melt from the heat of the glue.

How Do You Make Beaded Macramé?

You can use plastic beads but must first glue them to your macrame for best results. Use all-purpose craft glue and apply a coat of glue to your macrame cord, allowing it to dry completely before using.

This gives the glue time to soak into the cord’s core, making it stronger and less likely to break or lose its shape as you work with it.

You can also use beads and easily and quickly attach them to your finished work by doing the following as you work:

-Work through rows of knots until you reach a double knot. Look down at your cord from the top, pull both ends down slightly toward the middle of the macrame, and create a loop, leaving it loose enough so that you can still move it but tight enough that it won’t slip.

Begin pulling one strand of cord up and over one side of the loop (clockwise works well for this) until it reaches about 4 inches above the knot. Thread on a bead and pull it down, just below and behind the loop.

-Continue pulling the strand up and over, back to the loop, down past it, and work your way up the knot. Pulling from both sides of the knot keeps it even and tightens it as you go.

-Continue adding beads to your piece until you reach a double knot again, then repeat step 1 and continue your way back down through your knots.

Be sure to pull up as tightly as possible, giving you a nice, tight end-piece at the end of your work when you finish it off at this last double knot.

Why Beaded Macramé Works?

You will find that you have a nice, tight, symmetrical knot at the top of your work. It is about twice as strong as a traditional knot made with a macrame cord and will not unwind unless you take it apart completely.

Is It Safe To Use Beaded Macrame?

Yes! Beaded macramé is completely safe for kids to use, and no health issues or safety concerns are associated with it. Remember that when you are gluing on the beads, do so before you work your macrame as you create it.


Macramé is a great craft for everyone to learn, regardless of age or interest. So grab some macramé supplies and start making a beautiful piece of macramé today!

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