Can You Burn The Ends of Macrame? (Step-by-Step Guide)

burn yarn end

Macrame can be beautiful, durable, and long-lasting if you do it right. When you’re finished with your macrame project, it’s vital to properly finish the ends, so they don’t fray or fall apart in the future.

There are several ways to finish off your macrame cord, and it depends on how you intend to display your project to know which method is best for you. Read on to learn more about these options and how to prevent macrame cord from fraying in the first place!

Can you burn the ends of macrame?

Yes, you can burn the ends of macrame using a candle or lighter. The safest way to do this is to hold the end in one hand and then lightly touch it with a flame until it catches on fire. Once that happens, let it burn for about 30 seconds before blowing out the flame. This method will prevent your cord from fraying or unraveling as well.

How can you burn macrame yarns without leaving burn spots?

In most cases, when the ends of the macrame thread are burned with a lighter, a black burnt stain remains, which is not at all aesthetic.

The trick to being able to burn the tip of the macrame threads with a lighter without leaving a black stain on the thread is to burn the thread with the blue part of the lighter flame.

That is to say, let’s say that the flame is composed of two colors, blue and yellow, the blue part of the flame is closer to the lighter, if you burn the thread with this part of the flame there will be no black stain, you can do the test to check it.

How do you seal macrame ends?

There are a few different ways to seal the ends of your macrame project so that it does not fray. One way is to use clear nail polish. Simply apply a small amount of nail polish to the end of the cord and allow it to dry. This will create a clear barrier that will prevent fraying.

Another option is to melt the end of the cord with a lighter. This will also create a seal that will help to prevent fraying.

A third option is to wrap the end in floral tape. This helps to keep the cord from unraveling and creates a professional-looking finish. When using any of these methods, cut off any excess cord before securing it to avoid getting any knots or tangles when completing your project.

Lastly, you can simply tie the end of the cord together to stop it from fraying. If you choose this method, knot it tightly and trim off any excess rope for a neat appearance. The last thing that you want is an unruly mess of cords!

Which macrame cord can you burn?

The ideal macrame yarn to burn is polyester. Standard polyester macrame yarns are combustible, but they burn slowly and can self-extinguish.

On the other hand, cotton macrame yarn should be avoided or proceed with great caution in direct contact with fire, as this cotton yarn, being a natural fabric, continues to burn at relatively low temperatures.

How do you finish hanging macrame?

There are ways to help you finish hanging your macrame piece. These include;
– Overhand knots
This is your basic knot where you take one side and put it over the other, and pull tight. The method helps provide a strong, finished end that can be used for securing or tying off.

You’ll also find variations on this knot, like the reef knot, which is not nearly as bulky and works great with slippery cords.

– Constrictor knots
The constrictor knot is another way to secure a macrame piece or end. Here, you’ll put one cord underneath and then over your other cord. You’ll then pull these in opposite directions until they are tight and cut off excess wire.

The entire thing can be adjusted based on how much wire is left at each end by simply pulling one side longer than another.

– Spiral knot hangers
These hangers can be used to finish off your piece. With these, you’ll wrap a cord around a small dowel or other round objects.

You then form another piece into a loose spiral with space between each fold until it’s tight and secure. You’ll need to ensure that you have enough left to tie off securely on either end when working with larger and smaller pieces.

– Braids
A braid is a great way to finish off your piece. For these, you’ll want to keep in mind that one side will be longer than another as it won’t need to weave as much. To do a braid, simply weave each end over and under until they’re tight.

You can then use an overhand knot on each end or a constrictor knot for a more finished look and feel.

– Slip knots
This is one way to finish off your piece and works best with thinner cords. You’ll simply create a loop that fits easily over your fingers. You’ll then pull it through itself until it’s tight and then cut off any excess.

How can I stop my macrame cord from fraying?

A few ways can be employed to stop your macrame cord from fraying. You can use a lighter to lightly singe the tips of the cord. This will seal the ends and prevent them from fraying any further.

You can also use clear nail polish or glue to coat the ends of the cord. This will also seal the ends and prevent fraying. Finally, you can use heat shrink tubing to cover the ends of the cord.

Previously, I had written a complete and more detailed topic explaining how to avoid macrame from fraying.


In a nutshell, macrame is an easy craft to learn. It can be tricky and time-consuming at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to create your own designs and make them your own. Hopefully, this post helped answer some questions about macrame cords and the best ways to finish your projects.

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