About Me

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Hello, I Am Elvis Alcequiez.

I dreamed from a very young age of becoming an architect until I got it, I finished my studies of Architecture at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), one of the oldest universities in America founded in 1538, it was not easy, in fact, I still feel that I have a long way to go.

Studying Architecture was not easy, neither was practicing it, there were even times when I thought about giving up the profession, hence the name of the website, forever architect, how ironic.

I love writing, and designing, I am a CGI artist, and most of the things I have learned have been on my own through research.

Becoming an Architect

I have always thought that to be an Architect takes many more years than you really think, it is not just to leave with a university degree.

What initially opened the doors to the world of architecture for me was my ability as a CGI artist, that is, to create 3D representations and designs of spaces.

I have the ability to represent in 3D or draw any object, design, or shape that I have in my mind, and then be able to make it real, break it down and know the parts that compose it, and organize budgets.

From creating my designs in 3D I became interested in learning construction because to create a 3D that is real, you must create with real structure, so I learned a lot of construction, then I was interested in learning budgeting and cubing of materials, and I also succeeded.

The house in the photo is a 3D image created by me (above), the one below is a photo of the result, it was the first design and construction that I executed where I could test all my knowledge, and everything went well.


The Purpose of this website

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This website is part of a portfolio of websites I own, about Architecture, design, and drawing, I also have a YouTube channel, and the purpose is to help as many people as possible with the knowledge and skills I have about Architecture and Design.

Our in-depth topics about design, plans, drawings, construction, and materials aim to help our readers make informed decisions, saving both time and resources.

Sometimes all you need is a spark of inspiration to get your project off the ground. Our features on exceptional designs from around the world are curated to provide that spark.